Logo for Brian Grace Band Merch!  Order your T-shirt, Tank, or stickers, today!

Logo for Brian Grace Band Merch! Order your T-shirt, Tank, or stickers, today!

Brian Grace Band is currently one of the hottest bands in Colorado!  They are located in the Colorado Springs area, but are performing everywhere.   Brian Grace won the 2016 Vocalist of the Year at the Josie Music Awards in Nashville, TN, and his current hit  "I'll Take The Whiskey" is nominated for song of the year for 2018.  The crowd loves the passion in their performances, and the way they know how to read the audience and draw them in with his wide range of originals and cover songs.  Their soulfulness and energy brings energy to the crowd in acoustic way, and reminds fans of what they love most about music-the story.  You can find their current EP "Cheap Thrills and Train Wrecks" on all digital media sites, or you can download it from the website.   

Brian Grace is the lead singer, writer and composer for the Brian Grace Band.  Brian is from the small East Texas town of Wills Point.  Brian takes us back to when music was about telling stories and songs about life. His major influences come from growing up in North East Texas, home of all of those great blues and country artist, and his love for acoustic guitar.  The band performs a great mix of original and cover songs, from Zac Brown, John Fogerty, Jim Croce, George Strait, Bob Seger, Eric Clapton, Matchbox 20, John Mayer, Merle Haggard, and many more, with his own twist on each song.

JC Pringle is Brian's lead guitar player, harmony vocalist, the "boss of the band", and music composer for the Brian Grace Band.  JC Is from Waco, TX, and has performed with many Texas singer-songwriters, such as Gary P. Nunn.  

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